Here we'll learn more about SmartClaimz: a token distribution platform by Freeloaderz

What is Smartclaimz?

The current cost of processing transactions for airdrop and token distribution is high and often takes a long time. This can result in a frustrating and distressing user experience. Often times, it isn't clear if the transaction was even submitted correctly. SmartClaimz addresses these user experience issues with a faster/clearer transaction with less fees overall. This is achieved by:
  • Freeloaderz SPOs providing the Cardano Submit API end point on their pool Relays
  • A load balancer providing a round robin distribution to these Relays for transactions
  • Native script processing to allow for parallel transactions
  • The ability to accumulate your rewards instead of having to claim every epoch (less network transactions overall)
  • Web3 dApp wallet connection
  • Optimized UTXO management

How does SmartClaimz work?

SmartClaimz is powered by Drasil-Core, specifically the "Reward & Distribution Application" created and run by Drasil. It is just one of a suite of applications designed to power-up developers, making it quick and easy to develop secure dApps on Cardano.
The Reward & Distribution Application integrates neatly with the SmartClaimz web app, enabling one-click instant claims, claim history, automated reward calculations and distribution, and staking delegation.
The SmartClaimz website is an open source Angular project available on the Freeloaderz Github. If you have any concerns regarding how your wallet is used, you can view the code and see exactly how we are using it.

More Information on SmartClaimz

Visit smartclaimz.io to start claiming today!
Watch tutorials on how to use SmartClaimz at https://www.youtube.com/@freeloaderzdao in our dedicated playlist